Please read the Admissions Procedure below before filling out and submitting your Admissions Application.

A Message from the Dean

Covenant of Faith School of Ministry (COFSOM) is committed to teaching the Word of Truth and helping to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.  One of our mandates is that no student will be left behind due to lack of finances.  With this mandate in mind, COFSOM scholarship fund was established to assist committed students who would otherwise be financially disqualified to attend Covenant of Faith School of Ministry.  We are asking for your prayerful assistance in meeting this mandate by contributing to the COFSOM scholarship fund.

As stated earlier the scholarships assist financially challenged students who are attending or would like to attend Covenant of Faith School of Ministry on a full time basis.  For students to be considered for these scholarships they must be recommended by their Pastors based on their faithfulness, willing to serve and faithful tithing.  The Board of Directors of Covenant of Faith School of Ministry will make the final decisions.

Contributions can be made as a one-time donation, sponsorship of a student(s) or as a monthly donation.  Contributions can be made via this website or mailed to Covenant of Faith School of Ministry, P O Box 21671, Beaumont TX  77720.  Any additional questions should be directed to Dr. Dorthy Patterson, (409) 656-8641 or (409) 898-2445.

Thanking you in advance for your time and contributions.

In His Service with love,
Dr. Dorthy Patterson
Founder/Dean of School

Pastoral Recommendation

The person who referred you to this form is applying for a scholarship to further his/her biblical studies. This evaluation is an important part of the approval process. Your honest evaluation will be prayerfully considered and held in strictest confidence.

Please fill out this form and submit your responses. Thank you.